YouBettaMerch are an online LBGTQ+ merchandise provider. They provide merchandise for all types of artists ranging from singers to drag queens. Check out to find out more!

The challenge

YouBettaMerch is a company that I own and run so there wasn’t a necessarily set brief for this project, however, we wanted to emulate a bright and inviting brand that would be eye-catching on social media to users who were looking to shop there.

The outcome

I started by developing the brand and logo. Myself and my business partner decided early on pink being the main brand colour as a nod to the bright approach we wanted to take. I think took to developing more shades of that pink that can be used as part of a larger brand experience moving forward. The final logo can be seen below

Following the decision of the brand, the website was next.

This was a really great project to work on as e-commerce is a guilty pleasure of mine that I don’t often get a chance to play with just due to the nature of the majority of my clients.

Due to my experience with WordPress itself, I was able to build this site straight into a theme on a live site instead of designing if first and then translating that to code.

This has been a fun project to see grow from the beginning with little to no products to now with over 200 products listed throughout the site and an ever-evolving brand.