UCAS Real Entry Data Insights

UCAS are redefining how prospective students choose their courses. SMILE helped make that a reality.

Understanding the audience

We kept a project blog which has been cited by the team at UCAS as “a different and super useful way of digesting project updates, especially when wrapping up the project.”

The project blog held updates from out-of-sector research and user testing. Updates were delivered quickly and immediately. And with a lot of video footage from our stakeholder interviews, it became a hub of activity. Thanks to its digital native format, it was highly shareable and encouraged visible feedback in comments.

We worked closely with the sector throughout the project. We conducted multiple user tests and interviews to fully understand our audience. 1-1 interviews with prospective students and students that were in their first year of university were instrumental to the development of our solution.

UI that’s not just pretty pixels

We designed an interface that is being implemented by UCAS. It allows students to see (on average) the most common grades that students achieved on a course-by-course basis for the previous academic years. Yes, it’s beautiful – but with heaps of user research behind this, it’s more than just pretty pixels.

We took inspiration from the Spotify Wrapped and Apple to create a report page that broke down the information into manageable, easy-to-digest sections so that users were able to find out the information they wanted really quickly. And at the same time, meet the requirements of the UCAS brand.